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As an existing game shoot, the topography at stalisfield naturally works for simulated game however our aim on every day is to take you on a journey of the most exhilarating "wing shooting". Lightning fast grouse shot from sunken butts, high curling pheasants, rocketing coveys of partridge, flighting woodpigeons and long crossing duck are just a few of the drives we like to simulate here at Stalisfield

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A day in the field is not all about the shooting. Our aim on any day is that you will enjoy the whole day and not just the shooting. Guns and guests will experience some amazing food and drink. We're proud to support local farmers and butchers by using as much local produce and game as we possibly can. On any day with us you can expect us to pull out all the stops to make it the most memorable of days.


We offer two packages to cater for every individual or team of guns. Our "keepers day" and our "premium days". These days are available as individual bookings, team bookings and as corporate bookings. These days run from the 27th March to the 31st July. 

For more information about our keepers and premium days please email

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